EG Group acquires Cooplands

EG Group is pleased to announce it has acquired CS Food Group Holdings Limited (“Cooplands”), a bakery business. Cooplands owns and operates high-quality bakery assets in the United Kingdom (UK), including three bakeries that process ingredients and manufacture fresh food distributed through its supply and logistics network to about 180 stores and cafes, predominantly across the north-east and Yorkshire regions.

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Mergers & Acquisitions
EG Group Looks To Deliver Future of Fuel Retail Convenience

EG Group is pleased to announce the successful management takeover and transaction completion from ESSO Italiana of approximately 1,100 ESSO service stations and about 100 fuel supply contracts for third party sites in Italy. This is part of the EG Group strategic partnership with ExxonMobil, making the organisation the largest single Retail Branded Wholesaler customer globally.

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